Vibration Training and Skiers

Published: 04th April 2011
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Skiers need to have strong knees and thighs which are possible by exercising on the Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer. Some of the benefits regarding skiers are as follows:-

• When operated at high speed, with feet close to each other on the platform, knees are bent which helps in exercising of joint muscles involved in skiing.

• At high speed, 10 minutes vibration exercise daily helps to increase comfort on slope dramatically and also helps to reduce likelihood of niggly knee and other thigh related pain or injury.

With just having few week exercise there is a much great improvement in one’s health and fitness.

Here are some experiences of different people regarding the Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer:

• A woman suffering from cancer in 2005 had undergone chemotherapy in 2005 and later in Sept 2007 had developed tendonitis and lymph adenoma. Her mobility was reduced and due to ever increasing pain she was unable to perform any exercise. The best exercise she could do was a 7 minute exercise on a thigh trainer or a 6 minutes walk and after taking vibration training on oscillating vibration machine within a week she was able to walk down the stairs by herself. Her stamina had improved and she was even able to do house works for more than 30 minutes without feeling any pain. Her stamina had been built up to walk for nearly 10 minutes without any pain. This example shows that by using Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer one can increase his/her stamina for performing different tasks even if he/she is suffering from cancer or has gone through chemotherapy. This treatment had given her a hope for the future and with the increased stamina she was even able to increase her session of exercise i.e. performing 3 programs for 6 days a week. It is a cheap type of exercise which also does not produce any sound while exercising and more over there is privacy and peace at home which is much important for any person. She was glad and satisfied after buying this machine which had helped her only after using it for 4.5 hours in a week as if the exercise was suppose to be performed in gym it would have required much time and besides gym exercises are also quite tough and hard to perform. All she needed to do was to just wake up in the morning and perform the 15 minutes exercise on a Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer.

• Another interesting experience that has been experienced by Monika Stryczko in Dublin Ireland. This experience tells about the efficiency of MYH Vibration which when switched on with Monika on it in a flexed-knee skiing posture along with an electrode over VMO, showed electrical activity. This electrical activity in VMO helped to prove that there was no passive movement of legs.

• Mark Potter who is a Sports Physiotherapist in Worthing congratulated Mend Your Health Ltd on making an excellent Vibration Trainer as it proved to be the best way of getting rid of extra calories. He used to have a weight of 23st 71lbs and after using oscillating trainer he had gone to 22st 31lbs. This machine had also proved to be a 100% way of getting rid of his leg’s pains.

• Kevin R-Glasgow has been using vibration trainer for more than 6 months and has experienced an excellent result from it. She lives with her husband in Peak District. According to her, her husband likes to walk while she does not enjoy walking due to severe pain in her legs. But she after using vibration machine wants to thank the Mend Your Health Ltd due to much stronger legs and ease of walking.

• Beverley Kenyon of Derbyshire is also pleased with the performance of oscillating vibration machine and says that she is very satisfied with spending only 4.5 hours in a week for performing fitness exercises. Before she had purchased this machine she had to go to a gym and spend a lot of time in exercising but after this machine she used to spend only 15 minutes per day in the exercising activity.

• Jane P from London says that she and her husband both have been using this machine since 14th Jan and it has been a wonderful experience for both of them. Both husband and wife were suffering from Multiple Sclerosis but by this trainer there legs have become quite stronger.

• Matthew A from Carlisle says that his wife had bought this trainer for him so that he may lose his weight. He has also experienced increase in leg tone with an improvement in his running capability.

• Joan Lennon says that he had visited his local gym but he couldn’t find a vibration trainer there. So he ordered one from Mend Your Health. He after using it experienced that it was really a quiet machine which had helped him in loosing his weight.

Vibration exercise machine is equally popular with sports person and celebrities. This equipment has turned out to be a mode of regular exercise for most of people. Recent publications and medical research journals, nearly all of them are prescribing to use this machine in order to deal with problems like osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and stroke victims might also be able to gain benefits from this machine. All this is possible by just buying an oscillating vibrate machine, keeping it in homes (to make use of precious time and privacy in a better way) and by exercising through it to increase joint’s and ligaments strength. There are different types of vibrate machines available in market place and you can buy one according to your choice. But remember every product is not as quality product as a Mend Your Health Vibration Trainer. If you don’t have that much budget then you can easily find one in a nearby fitness center as a vibration machine is a major part of fitness programs and weight loss plans.

Using a vibration fitness machine is a method to gain fitness through exercising for much little time as compared to other machines. This machine possesses a vibrating plate on which people are supposed to stand in a positioned manner. Both static and dynamic movements can be performed through this machine e.g. standing, sitting, kneeling etc. besides these, other exercises can also be performed through this machine like crunches, lunges, squats, push-ups and much more. And if you don’t want to exercise and just want to lie down than the best way of doing this is to sit back on a couch and lay your feet on the vibrate machine in a comfortable mode.

After learning about all these uses one can easily estimate the enormous number of uses any one can enjoy by exercising through this machine. From young to old, from man to woman, any one can have benefit through this machine. It is one of the best weight loss plan which any one can use and in just few weeks can experience its benefits.Fitness Vibration Plate Body Vibration

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